An Elegant Pergola Can Add a Touch of Class to Your Outdoor Living Area

We know that the relentless sun can take a toll on the best-laid plans you’ve made for an afternoon, outdoor get-together. If you’re a resident of Kangaroo Point, Spring Hill or Toowong, we’re sure you’re also too familiar with the heat that can be generated by the Brisbane sun. It can completely spoil your afternoon barbecue.

Now you can protect your family and guests against that relentless sun. We are home renovators who design and build pergolas that add a touch of class to every home and garden while protecting your friends and family from the sun’s harmful rays.

We offer many styles and building materials to choose from. Hardwood, rustic pergolas that fit in well with a natural, garden environment and coated metal pergolas that stand up well to the elements are some of our most popular designs.

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We also offer retractable cloth shades that can be incorporated into the pergola’s design, affording you a measure of added protection in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest.
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We Design and Build Pergolas to Suit Your Home and Landscape

We will be happy to suggest some designs that fit your home and outdoor landscape and serve to enhance your garden and entertainment areas. We also provide flooring underneath our pergolas so you can relax and entertain on a level, solid surface.

Give us a call and let us show you the many elegant ways we can save your family and guests from the ravages of the harsh Queensland sun.
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