Concealed Doors

A Concealed Door Can Work Wonders in Increasing Your Living Space

Spring Hill and Toowong residents, do you want to make use of previously unused storage or living space in your home? Installing a concealed door in your home might just be your answer.

Many people think immediately of mysteries and spy stories when they hear the term ‘concealed door’. In the real world, installing a concealed door in your home can enable you to make use of previously unusable space in your home.

Whether it’s being able to create storage space in an attic or provide access to usable space behind a wall, concealed doors are a great addition to your home. They also can serve to increase your home’s value by increasing the usable floor area.

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A Tasteful Concealed Door Won’t Detract from Your Décor

We are home renovators that design and install concealed doors for residents of the Brisbane North areas that are discreet, tasteful and expertly constructed. For ceiling requirements, we can provide folding ladders that enable you to access the space above the ceiling. We can even provide flooring over the ceiling joists to make usable storage space out of your attic.

For wall requirements, we carefully match the door to your existing décor, making them blend in seamlessly with your home.

Installing a concealed door is the easiest way to maximise the usable floor space of your home and can mean an increase in the value of your home. Make the most of your home’s usable space. Call us today.

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