Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Renovations Can Add Significantly to the Value of Your Home

If you’re a homeowner in the Indooroopilly or St. Lucia area, you know that the state of your bathrooms can mean a lot when it comes time to list your house on the real estate market. Every real estate agent can tell you that the bathrooms and the kitchen can be the deciding factors on whether to buy a certain home or not.

But even if you’re generally happy with your home, your bathroom will suffer from water damage, calcification and normal wear and tear after years of use. We provide custom-designed and installed bathrooms for the residents of the greater Brisbane area that will bring your bathrooms up to the standards of the rest of your home.

We take your ideas and personal needs into account with every bathroom we design and build. This is the chance to change a too-small bathroom into a spacious area that allows you to use the facilities in modern comfort.

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03 Upstairs Bathroom

We Can Install All the Most Modern Fixtures and Features

If you have had your eyes on updating your bathroom fixtures to include the most modern innovations in the marketplace, we can include your favourite fixtures in the design.

We want to design and install a bathroom for you that will not only increase your home’s value, but one that will also serve your lifestyle perfectly. Call us today to see how you can have the bathroom of your dreams.
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