Choosing the Right Renovator Will Make Life Easier as the Job Proceeds

Any home renovation you undertake is likely to be a stressful time in your life. But by carefully choosing a renovation contractor who is qualified, honest and someone that you can work with, you can alleviate a lot of the day to day stress that goes along with the renovation process.

Choosing a contractor who is pro-active in making suggestions and figuring out solutions to unforeseen problems can be invaluable. Whereas, choosing a contractor who simply counts the days until they’re paid and does only what is warranted can make your life miserable.

Know the True Value of Materials and Time When Arriving at a Budget

Before we even get into the subject of choosing a contractor, make your future working relationship a little easier by knowing the costs and value of the materials you use and the time it will take to complete your renovation.

There isn’t a qualified contractor on earth who will compromise the quality of their work or one that can make cheap materials look and perform like the more expensive ones. By knowing the true value of your renovation, many disappointments can be avoided.

Interview Contractor Candidates – They are Competing for a Job, After All

You shouldn’t be shy about asking them to your home to conduct an interview. Any contractor who balks at the suggestion of an interview is probably one you wouldn’t hire anyway.
Every qualified contractor knows that the renovation market is a competitive one. They should come prepared with references and a portfolio showing their past projects. They should also be able to walk you through the story of any job in their portfolio and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of that job.

Check Their References

Failing to follow up on references means you will only have yourself to blame if you run into problems with your contractor later on. Call or visit with their former clients to get a sense of the performance of the contractor candidate.

A satisfied client will be happy to show off the contractor’s work and talk about their job performance. Contractors should build relationships with their clients. Most satisfied clients will be on a first-name basis with their contractor.

Write down questions you want to ask before calling or visiting so that you won’t forget to ask a vital question.

Do Your Homework Online and with Local Suppliers

Asking around in the community can give you a lot of good leads and tips to help you find the right contractor for your renovation. Ask at hardware stores and supply shops. They know which contractor does a steady business in the community. And they’ll be happy to supply any and all information about the ones that have a good reputation.

Follow up online by doing searches using the names you’ve been recommended to contact to turn up any reviews of their work. Knowing a contractor’s work history will give you a knowledgeable advantage during the interview phase.